PinballBox starts today!
Welcome to the launch of the first version of the game: a 2 players head-to-head woody pinball. The goal of PinballBox is to be a fun-to-play pinball simulator and easy-to-use pinball maker, so of course and since the start, the game comes with a built-in editor for you to create and share your own tables and play other people's designs as well. Following, I aim to expand on this 2 players concept a bit, for then move on to more complex mechanics and classic pinballs to play solo. I hope you enjoy PinballBox and come along in this ballsy journey. See you in the next release!
-Gonzalo, the dev.
Pinball Versus (2 players) FREE
Pinball Versus is a head-to-head pinball game for 2 players.
The Online Library:
One of the goals of PinballBox is to allow anyone to design pinballs, and every game comes with a pinball editor for you to make your own pinball tables and share them with the world.

Visit the Online Library to discover tables created with the in-game editor.
In the next update:
Soccer pinball: 4 flippers for each player and a bright and modern soccer theme to sport up the pin battles.
Pop bumpers: more action to the pinballs with the addition of pop bumpers, based to the milimiter on the real world ones. Checkout an early demo here.